Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency Last Updated: January 2, 2024

The pricing information provided by this website is strictly an estimate of prices, and St. Michael’s Elite Hospital cannot guarantee the accuracy of any estimates. Pricing estimates may vary from patient to patient due to unforeseen complications, the number of tests or procedures performed, and non-hospital related charges, any of which may increase the ultimate cost of the services provided. Prospective patients should understand that a final bill for services rendered at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital may differ from the information provided by this website.

Each hospital must make public on the internet a list of the hospital’s standard charges for items and services provided by the hospital. In addition, hospitals are required to provide a searchable consumer friendly display of the most common “shoppable services” that could be utilized for cost estimates to help consumers make more informed decisions.


St Michaels  Elite Hospital Standard charges

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ST MICHAELS ELITE HOSPITAL Shoppable Services List Updated  12.15.23