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  • Tired of Waiting in The Emergency Room?

    Tired of waiting in a traditional Emergency Room?

    St. Michael’s wait times are 15 minutes or less with the same highly trained Doctors and equipment.

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  • Tired of Waiting in The Emergency Room?

    Has a Hospital ER Doctor ever followed up with you after a ER visit?

    St. Michael’s doctors do… Physician follow up after your visit is just one of the reasons St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms are rated #1 in patient satisfaction.

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  • Do You Need To Get To A Traditional Hospital ER Fast?

    Do you need to be admitted to a traditional hospital?

    St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms can directly admit you to a local hospital often faster than if you showed up to that hospital’s ER. This is just one of the reasons St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms are rated #1 in patient satisfaction.

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Why Choose St. Michael’s Elite Over A Traditional Hospital?

Not Urgent Care but Quality Hospital & Emergency Care

If you need emergency medical care, don’t hesitate to visit St. Michael’s Elite Hospital. We are here for you now! At St. Michael’s Elite Hospital, you will find the same board-certified doctors, staffing, and equipment as any hospital. Our Sugar Land hospital is equipped with state of the art technology to get you back to your normal life in no time. For more than a decade, we have offered high-quality emergency medical care and are excited to now (2019) offer inpatient hospital services to the Sugar Land, Houston, and the Fort Bend community.

Traditional Hospital
Guaranteed wait times of less than 5 minutes.
Private Examination Rooms with  Flat Screen TV’s
Comfortable Waiting Room, & Family Areas with Friendly Staff
Expensive Medical Bills with Hidden Charges

St Michael's Insurance Accepted


St. Michael’s Elite Hospital files all insurance claims as a convenience to our patients. Learn More 

  • Joint Commission
  • Fort Bend Chamber
  • Behind the badge charity
  • Central Fort Bend Commission
  • Texas Community Referral Network
  • COLA
  • ACR Radiology
  • Night Superstars
24 Hour Emergency Room Services

When you choose our 24-hour emergency room and hospital for your emergency medical care,  your comfort comes first with an immediate escort to a well-furnished,  private examination room for on-site diagnostics and beautifully appointed in-patient rooms should you need to be admitted. And in less than 5 minutes.

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Directions and Maps

St. Michael’s Elite Hospital is located on the southwest corner of Hwy 6 & I-69/Hwy 59 in front of Target. Get directions to St. Michael’s Elite Hospital & Emergency Room in Sugar Land, TX.

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Fast, Reliable Medical Care

St. Michael’s Elite Hospital treats everyone like family from the moment you step on our campus. Our mission is to go beyond your expectations in the delivery of medical care in your time of need.

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