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Located in Sugar Land , TX

When your emergency room physician is unable to fix your health issue in a quick visit, they may recommend moving you to an inpatient bed. St. Michael's Elite Hospital in Sugar Land, Texas, is an emergency room clinic that provides rapid and compassionate care. If the team of board-certified emergency room physicians decides you need observation or longer treatment, they place you in one of their roomy and comfortable inpatient beds. No matter your emergency medical needs, you can expect quick and compassionate care at St. Michael's Elite Hospital. Call or walk-in for care.

Inpatient Beds Q & A

What are inpatient beds?

When you visit the emergency room, your medical condition may require more intensive treatment. In that situation, your emergency room team transfers you from the emergency room department to an inpatient bed. 

St. Michael's Elite Hospital exclusively provides emergency room care. The clinic has the same diagnostic tools as a traditional hospital-based emergency room. 

When you come in for emergency room care, you spend a brief time in the spa-like waiting room before the team brings you to a private room for an evaluation. 

To ensure you get the emergency health care you need, no matter your health issue, St. Michael's Elite Hospital has inpatient beds. That means the team can transfer you from emergency room care to inpatient care to observe and treat your medical issue.

Though the St. Michael's Elite Hospital team has the ability to transfer you to any of the local hospitals when needed, they can also provide hospital-care services in their inpatient rooms.

Who needs inpatient beds?

Your board-certified emergency room physician determines if you need an inpatient bed after a comprehensive evaluation. The emergency room clinic treats a wide range of health needs, from broken bones to chest pain.

The team may recommend moving you to their inpatient bed if they want to continue to observe your health condition, or they need to provide inpatient treatments for your health condition.

Inpatient beds may be used for patients with severe shortness of breath from a flu infection who need breathing treatments. Or for patients with chest pain that the team wants to monitor or continue additional testing as needed until they can send the patient home or to the hospital. 

How long do I stay in an inpatient bed?

The length of your inpatient bed stay at St. Michael's Elite Hospital depends on your diagnosis and treatment needs. St. Michael's Elite Hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides full hospital services.

The team may keep you as long as appropriate until you're stable enough to either go home or to another facility. 

The inpatient beds are private and comfortable. They even have child-themed rooms with murals, soft lighting, and flat-screen TVs. These rooms help you or your child feel relaxed while you receive the care you need.

For compassionate care from a team of skilled emergency room physicians, call St. Michael's Elite Hospital. Walk-ins are welcome and encouraged.