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What to Bring to the Sugar Land Emergency Clinic

Emergency sign for Sugar Land emergency clinic

If you can, there are some things that may be helpful to bring to your Sugar Land emergency clinic.

If you’re headed to your Sugar Land emergency clinic, you might not be thinking about what items to pack and bring with you. Of course, sometimes it’s just not possible to bring everything you might need. However, if you have time and it’s safe to do so, there are some items we recommend bringing with you. Some people may even want to create an emergency “go bag” for future E.R. visits.

Essential Items to Bring to Your Sugar Land Emergency Clinic

There are many items that can be handy during a Sugar Land emergency. The list of items we recommend bringing to the E.R. with you include:

  • Health insurance card: Try to bring your insurance card with you. Your Sugar Land emergency clinic may need to see it to update your records or properly bill your insurance. 
  • Credit card or other form of payment: If you have a copay, try to bring a method of payment with you to the E.R. 
  • Photo ID: You may need to show your photo ID at the hospital. Checking your ID is often a precaution against insurance and billing fraud.
  • List of current medications: Have a list of your current medications handy. This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, herbs, and supplements. On this list, include the name of the medication, the dosage, the frequency, and when you last took the medication. 
  • List of allergies: If you have any allergies, bring a list with you to the Sugar Land emergency clinic. 
  • Doctor name and phone numbers: Have the name and number of your regular doctors and specialists when you come to the E.R.
  • Name and number of your preferred pharmacy: Bring the name and phone number of your preferred pharmacy. If the doctor needs to send prescriptions for you to pick up at the pharmacy after you’re discharged, this can help.
  • Relevant legal documents: If you have a living will, a healthcare proxy, or other relevant legal documents, bring these with you to the emergency room as well.
  • Note-taking necessities: Consider bringing a pen and paper or your phone with you so you can take notes about the problem, treatment, and follow-up steps so you can review them later. 

Situation-Specific Things to Bring to the Sugar Land Emergency Clinic

Also, keep in mind that you may need other things depending on your emergency. For instance, if you swallowed poison, try to bring it (or a picture of it) with you so the Sugar Land 24 hour emergency doctors know what you ingested. If you severed a finger, toe, or limb, try to bring that with you (preferably kept cool with ice), as it may be possible to reattach it. If you’re suffering from a venomous bite, write down the description of what bit you to help doctors identify it.

Consider Creating a “Go Bag” In Case of an Emergency

Feeling prepared can help take some of the stress out of needing emergency medical care. So, some people create a “go bag” for medical emergencies. This is essentially a small bag with things you might need if you’re headed to the emergency room. With everything you need in a bag, you can just grab and go on your way to the E.R. If you think this might be helpful for you, consider making one up and storing it somewhere that is easy to access in case of emergency.

St. Michael’s Elite Hospital – Your Sugar Land 24 Hour Emergency Room

When you need emergency care, our team at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital is here for you. We offer fast, friendly, and quality care in our emergency room and hospital. We offer wait times of 5 minutes or less, comfortable waiting and private exam rooms, and the same state-of-the-art equipment and board-certified doctors as any hospital. Visit us at 16000 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land for emergency medical care.

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